The Best Poker Players From Japan

His name probably won’t ring any chime, in any event, for the people who play poker, however Tsugunari Toma is the greatest champ in Japan with regards to competition results.

Right now, he is at the highest point of the nation’s Unsurpassed Cash list since he has $2.2 million in profit.

His most memorable significant success occurred in December of 2018 when he finished with €25,000 in the Prague Hot shot occasion, winning €191,840 for his exhibition during this competition.

Nonetheless, Toma was just getting ready for 2019 since that was the year when he had the option to post his two greatest profession changes out as of not long ago.

In August he completed in fifth in the €100,000 EPT Barcelona Really Hot shot occasion, bringing back home €500,000 and the again in Prague, yet this time in the Headliner.

Following a year he completed in second, he was back in Prague. In a rivalry with north of 250 top poker players, he had the option to be the final remaining one, winning €10,300 Headliner and furthermore procuring €523,120 during this cycle.
Masaaki Kagawa
In spite of the fact that Masaaki Kagawa hasn’t been dynamic with regards to poker for a long time, he’s logical the most known players from Japan. For quite a while, he was at the highest point of the nation’s Record-breaking Cash list.

He actually is in the main 5 with lifetime winning that are above $1.5 million, despite the fact that he wasn’t played in that frame of mind starting around 2013, his outcomes weren’t the main thing that gave him ubiquity locally. The Japanese star poker player was associated with numerous large outrages, remembering one that prompted his capture for 2013.
Kazuhiko Yotsushika
Kazuhiko is an astounding Japanese poker player who has been available in numerous enormous occasions from one side of the planet to the other.
He seldom misses a hot shot competition, and he has had a ton of extraordinary outcomes en route.

His greatest winning to date was during the 2018 EPT Prague €25,000 hot shot. To guarantee in front of the pack, he needed to confront unforgiving rivalry at the last table, like the known Portuguese star João Vieira and US David Peters. The last option possesses the seventh situations on the worldwide cash list with more than $33 million in competition rewards.

Be that as it may, Yotshushika had the option to overcome the two of them and figured out how to win €370,000. This triumph, joined with the series of other six and five-figure scored back in 2014, carries his procuring to more than $1,6 million.
Yuri Ishida
Yuri is a fruitful delegate of female poker players from Japan. Her most memorable authority result was in 2012 when she completed in third spot in a little APPT occasion, prevailing upon $4,000. In any case, this was just the start of the Japanese star. Throughout the following several years, Yuri Ishida has had outstanding outcomes, carrying her all out vocation profit to more than $500,000.

Albeit this probably won’t seem like a lot of cash, still a noteworthy outcome she’s been playing in little competitions, and her greatest single triumph was $41,600.
Takashi Ogura
Ogura is a youthful expert and he’s sitting in third put on the cash list, somewhat behind Yotsushika, taking steps to surpass his spot very soon.

He is most certainly a genuine processor that has been playing for a long time and took played in more modest purchase in occasions, consistently moving toward his lifetime profit.

Takashi’s best outcomes came from his exhibitions in the Asia Pacific Poker Visit, which incorporates the success during 2018 single hot shot occasion for $350,000 and the third spot finish in the 2016 APPT Headliner worth more than $177,000.

Poker isn’t most certainly individuals’ thought process of when they consider Japan. Be that as it may, this nation has truly astonishing poker players. Obviously, they probably won’t be pretty much as great as a few European or North American players, they have unimaginable abilities. Also, Poker is an extraordinary game that is accessible to just play in Japan through contests. Through a ton of training, information on this game and abilities there is the chance of you becoming one of the Poker Stars in Japan. Thus, if you truly need to put resources into this game, visit everything thing you can manage is to begin finding out about it and afterward contending in Japan.






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