Let the Head-Hunting Commence – Global Poker Bounty Series II

It’s just about Abundance hunting time on Worldwide Poker as the special US-confronting site prepares to send off the second version of their hit Abundance Series, and there are monstrous certifications to attract the groups…

Starting off on Spring fourteenth, an entire 8 days of KO activity anticipates, with a stunning SC600,000 in real money prizes available to anyone, as well as GC240,000,000 in the equal play cash series.

With 44 occasions in every one of the two renditions of the Abundance Series II, purchase ins start from as little as SC 11 and GC 11,000 – Worldwide Poker’s one of a kind monetary forms made sense of underneath on the off chance that you haven’t experienced them previously.

Abundance rudiments
Abundance competitions are among the best time – and rewarding – occasions you can play, with every player beginning with an abundance on their head, making the activity quick and enraged as players frantically endeavor to pack rewards while as yet going for the gold competition run.

The more rewards you win, the greater the Abundance on your own head, making you the following enormous objective at the table.

Each incredible series deserving at least some respect has a lead Headliner, and GP’s Abundance Series flaunts two!

The SC Headliner is a SC100k GTD No Restriction Hold’em undertaking, and the date for your journal is Sunday Walk 21st, beginning at 5:30pm ET.

That very day and time sees the Gold Coins rendition running as well, the GC Headliner having a beast 40,000,000 assurance, with a similar astonishing restricted version stock as a component of the fascination.

That welcomes us on pleasantly to the typical Worldwide Poker ‘additional touch’, the one that causes their internet based social poker-space to feel so alluring to their 1 million enlisted players.

Restricted Version Product
In light of the Abundance Series II skull logo, GP have made some staggering custom tailored merchandise to light up their most recent competition series.

For every one of the GC occasions, the champs will sack themselves a novel and elite prize, alongside a Worldwide Poker Abundance Series cap, and finish pin, with the individuals who make a hurry to a last table getting a pin alongside their monetary rewards.

On the SC side of the series, a combination of hoodies, covers, Shirts and pins will be in the post for all victors, last table players, and furthermore passing up the last table yet at the same time completing ‘in the cash.’

Here is the tl;dr rendition for those in a hurry…

Worldwide Poker Abundance Series II
Walk fourteenth 21st
88 occasions across monetary rewards and play cash
SC600,000 and GC240,000,000 GTD
purchase ins from SC 11 and GC 11,000
Worldwide Poker’s Interesting Money
For the individuals who haven’t found out about Worldwide Poker’s imaginative money, here’s the abbreviated form.

Gold Coins’ or ‘GC’ are Worldwide Poker’s virtual money, which you can gather and play with, yet they can’t be reclaimed for monetary rewards or traded.

While buying Gold Coins, a few players might be given free sweepstakes sections via Breadths Coins.

‘Clears Coins’ or ‘SC’ can be utilized to play Breadths Coins competitions and ring games. Clears Coins won playing with Ranges Coins can be reclaimed for monetary rewards or different awards.

Clears Coins can’t be bought and are consistently accessible for nothing by means of one the numerous elective strategies for section at Worldwide Poker.






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