Fruitopolis, a Game of Chance

Overview of the Slot Game Fruitopolis Fortune

Blueprint Gaming’s Fruitopolis is yet another of the innumerable fruit-themed slot machines found virtually everywhere. Depending on how you feel about this type of game, the name might make you excited (if you’re a fan of the format) or frightened (if you’re not). Fruitopolis, as the name would imply, is a slot machine game with a focus on fruit symbols. The first is known as Standard Play, and the second, Fortune Play, has quite different regulations and is more expensive every spin. Players can choose between two different game modes, each with their own unique set of features.

Fruitopolis might be described as typical, monotonous, or gloriously conventional, depending on your frame of mind. A single 5-reel, 4-row game grid takes center stage in Standard Mode against a red, diamond-patterned background, reminiscent of the plush padding of a club wall. From a design perspective, Fruitopolis doesn’t have anything to offer. It’s the kind of thing where if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Fruitopolis may be played on any device, and careful thought should be given to your betting options. The first is whether or not to play at the maximum stakes of £/€100 each spin in Standard Play mode. Alternately, you may click the colorful square button located underneath the reels to go to Fortune Play mode. The specifics of this huge bet type option, which increases the stakes from £/€2 to £/€200, are described below. You should know that the return to player percentage (RTP) on Fruitopolis varies widely (between 95.06% and 95.38%) before we part ways.

Winning combos are formed when at least three identical symbols fall on adjacent reels anywhere on the game’s 20 fixed paylines. But unlike other games, successful combos can start on any reel. Symbols for lower-value wins include the 10-A card values, cherries, lemons, plums, and 7s, in that order. For wins involving card ranks, a full house pays out at a rate of 5-10 times the wager, while victories involving the other premium symbols pay out at rates of 15-25 times the wager. Despite the city’s name, wild symbols are never used in Fruitopolis.

Features of the Fruitopolis Fortune Slot Game

However, there are a couple of more unique symbols to keep an eye out for: diamond scatters, which activate Money Spins, and Golden Chip mystery symbols, which award a random cash prize.

Value Tosses

Scatter symbols of diamonds, in any number, launch the Money Spins bonus game. After getting inside, you’ll get three chances to win again. Sticky diamond scatters stay still to disclose a monetary reward. The number of spins returns to three whenever a new diamond appears. All visible cash rewards are tallied and distributed at the conclusion of the round.

Chips, Gold

Each Golden Chip sign that lands changes into a different kind of pay symbol. A victory rating is then determined. Money Spins icons can also be transformed from golden chips.

Gamble on Luck

Since everything else about Fruitopolis has been so mundane up until now, maybe the most intriguing aspect is Fortune Play. To play in this mode, simply flip the switch located below the grid. The price of a Fortune Spin is around 20 times that of a conventional spin. Therefore, pay symbols have the same value on a €20 Fortune Play spin as they do on a €1 Standard Play spin. Where does that additional money go, then? This mode differs from the standard one in some key respects. Before the following grid may spin, the current one must complete its rotation. The Fortune Play round concludes after all four matrices have been triggered.

When Golden Chip mystery symbols appear, they are added to the remaining grids, which is when Fortune Play really starts to become exciting. For instance, if a mysterious sign appears on reel set 1, it will also appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the same exact spot. If further mystery symbols appear on set 2 during the same spin, they will be carried over to sets 3 and 4.

Slot Game Review: Fruitopolis for Your Good Fortune

The test round of Fruitopolis was a constant struggle between focusing on the reel-based action and, well, doing anything else. Possible that the term “action” is too strong. In any case, the nearby pays method is cool, and it combines with the mystery symbols to provide an unusual sense of excitement. For instance, a win may be triggered by a cluster of mystery symbols landing across reels 3, 4, and 5, which wouldn’t happen with a standard payout using the initial reel configuration. We suppose that’s a plus.

The fact that Fruitopolis is essentially a direct clone of Luck o’ the Irish 2 Fortune Spins is what made the battle genuine. You might be asking why they changed from one generic-looking slot to another. We’re not sure either, but it seems like Blueprint is reluctant to waste their excellent theme concepts on the quad grid structure until it gains more traction. Of course, this is speculation, and it creates problems for the Fortune Spins idea, which is good but sometimes drowns in a sea of thematic mediocrity.

The possibility of success is amusing, too. The customary caveat about a 50,000x or £250,000 win ceiling is included in Fruitopolis (Blueprint really needs to be more clear here), although it’s quite improbable that the game will reach such high levels. All four grids in a stupendous Fortune Spin being covered with 7s would result in a payout of 2,000 times the initial wager. However, this is not the case as 100x the Fortune Spin cost is equivalent to a 2,000x normal bet. Fruitopolis is not a huge xbet machine no matter how you look at it.

Fruitopolis gave us the sense that it was a prototype for other slot machines. The synergy between neighboring pays and mystery symbols, as well as the Fortune Pays huge bet concept, both have potential for future applications. Really, though, what are we saying? Due to the fact that these ideas will be crammed into new games or combined with earlier works, gamers may expect a wide variety of iterations in the future. Combining them into a new work with a more interesting topic is a good idea.






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